Chambre Rouge Riad Essaouira Chems Bleu

Chambre Rouge

Because it has red carpets and cushions …
It is at the first floor. It is the largest and it could be called, in some hotels, a suite. Its bathroom/toilet is separated by a private entrance. Its two large French windows open onto the patio. One can sit there to write and it two Morris chairs invite for relaxation. A white staircase leads to a small room for a third person.

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Chems bleu riad hotel essaouira Chambre Bleue

Chambre Bleu

Because the floor, in traditional cement tiles is … blue
Its bathroom / toilet in tadelakt and blue tiles has a small balcony giving access to a single room. Its two French windows are open onto a private balcony that overlooks the patio. It receives the morning sun.

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Chems bleu riad hotel essaouira Chambre Ocre

Chambre Ocre

Because tadelakt of the bathroom / toilet is (almost) … red
It is in the second floor and receives the morning and afternoon sun. Since it is located above the ramparts, it boasts a third south-facing window overlooking the beach, the port and the alleys of the city garden, below.

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Chems bleu riad hotel essaouira Chambre Verte

Chambre Verte

Because everything colorful is green: the floor, the ceiling …
It is also in the second floor and gets the sun all day for the same reasons as its twin on the other side of the patio. Its little plus: a small window in the bathroom wall will allow you to enjoy the view while meeting some natural needs.

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Chems bleu riad hotel essaouira Chambre Dunette

La Dunette

Because the one who gave it its name thought that the deck was the highest point of a ship !!! It is thus on the roof of the East building and from above, the view is exceptional.
It has a large private terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast our a private sunbathe. Once closed, the common landing door can, together with the green room below, form a suite which is very popular among couples with two children, especially as its double bed can be split into two single beds .

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Chambre Batik Riad Essaouira Chems Bleu


Pleasant double bedroom in light colors with a closet, a window onto the patio and a bathroom with shower, comfortable bedding and perfect cleanliness. Included generous breakfast served on the Riad’s terrace overlooking the bay of Essaouira.

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Chambre Jardin Riad Essaouira Chems Bleu

Rez de Jardin

Pleasant room on the ground floor with a beautiful view and direct access to the Riad’s patio, this room is furnished with a large bed and a coffee table, ideal for enjoying a nice tea or coffee while appreciating the beautiful view of the Riad’s garden.

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Appartement Chems bleu riad hotel essaouira


At the bottom of the neighbouring impasse, our apartment is available from April to October. Located just above the rampart and enjoying the same view as the Riad, it is also very sunny, very quiet, and pleasantly arranged: on the first level, two double bedrooms, each with a bathroom and toilet and, on the second floor, a vast lounge (with chimney, flat screen …) opening on a comfortable terrace, a kitchen and toilets.

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